Ultimate Mahjong - Online Help

Wizard screen

This screen allows you to quickly access many of Ultimate Mahjong's main features.

Play a game
Lets you choose a tile layout and start playing.

Load a saved game
Loads a saved game file and continues playing.

Change the tile pictures
Allows you to select which pictures appear on the tiles, see Choosing a tile image set.

Learn to play Mahjong
This displays a guide on how to play Mahjong, as well as how the scoring system works. You can see this guide here.

Quit Mahjong
Exits the game.

Create a tile layout
Enters the tile layout editor mode, lets you create your own tile layouts.

Create a set of tile pictures
Enters the tile image set editor mode, allowing you to create custom tile image sets from your own pictures.

Show wizard at startup
Un-check this box to stop the wizard screen from appearing every time you run Ultimate Mahjong.


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